Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The First Project of the Debaters’ Syndicate: “A comprehensive look into the World Schools style of Debating”


The Debaters council of Sri Lanka the leading organization for debating in our country introduced the “World School Style of debating” to schools early this year. This format of debating which is starkly different from the previous formats of debating most schools in Sri Lanka are used to is currently the standard and format which is followed at an international level, particularly the World Schools debating championship which is one of the largest international debating tournaments held. Sri Lanka has participated in this tournament for the past few years and the Debaters Council of Sri Lanka has been the body which has facilitated the creation and training of the Sri Lankan National debating team. The Debaters Council is made up of past debaters in Sri Lanka who have adjudicated and debated many national and international level debates and have introduced this new format of debating to Sri Lanka so as to develop school level debating in Sri Lanka to meet higher standards. As the Debaters Syndicate of Wesley College which is a member of the Debaters Council of Sri Lanka we see it as our duty to help in this effort by organizing a workshop on this new style of debating dubbed “A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK INTO THE WORLD SCHOOLS STYLE OF DEBATING”. The Council has agreed to send some of its qualified members to carry out the workshop. The Interact Club of Wesley College has volunteered to help the Debaters syndicate to organize this project successfully.

The Executive Board

· Project Chairperson : Maleen Jayasuriya

Lashanthan Gopalan

· Project Secretary : Shazad Synon

Dhanish Musafer

· Project Treasurer : Sithira Gunasekara

Jeremy de Zilwa

· Project Editor : Chrisjit Xavier

Akeel Majeed

· Finance Director : Shamil Latheef

Praveen Jayaratne

· Food and Beverage : Thanuja Meegahawatte

Fazlan Faiz

· Sounds and Lights : Khabeer Sharker

Nishan Caseem

· Hall Management : Imfaz Iqbal

· Decoration : Haseeb Hameed

· School Coordination : Firnaz Najimudeen

Details of the Project

· Date : 25th March

· Time : 2.30p.m. to 5.30p.m.

· Venue : Wesley College, Colombo 09.

In the College Main hall

· Schools Invited :

  •             St. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia
  • Bishop's College
  • Ladies' College
  • Visakha Vidyalaya
  • D. S Senanayake College
  • St. Bridget's Convent
  • Ananda College
  • Methodist College
  • Colombo International School
  • St. Joseph's College
  • Royal College
  • Anula Vidyalaya
  • Holy Family Convent
  • Lyceum International School
  • Oxford International School
  • Asian International school
  • Musaeus College

· No. of participants per school : 6 – 8

Financial Details of the Project

The estimated budget for the project is as follows:



Unit price






Rs.22 500





Rs.7 500


Tokens of Appreciation

Rs.7 000





Rs.22 500




Total Expenses

Rs.60 000

Contributions to cover the budget are welcome in the forms of banners and advertisements and donations. The details in regard to this are as follows

One banner = Rs. 5000

One page in the notebook = Rs. 1500

Half page in the notebook = Rs. 1000

Outer back cover of the notebook = Rs. 5000

Inner back cover of the notebook = Rs. 3000

Handbills Distribution = Rs. 5000 (negotiable)

If interested please contact any of the following persons

Maleen Jayasuriya : 0112563115

Chrisjit Xavier : 0112733623/ 0771546804

Sithira Gunasekara : 0115616893

Jeremy De Zilwa : 0115514177/ 0771922144

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